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Spring 2017 weddings trends are likely to either excite or disappoint because of the extreme fashion variations they reveal.

Lace and corsets. Bridal designers are gearing up the new year to introduce a new wave of boudoir-inspired dresses that include bustier tops with lace, embroidery, illusion paneling that show the sides of breasts, and shorter, romantic trains covered with Swarovski crystals that convert to a metallic-looking veil.

Super hero brides. While capes have appeared over the past five years, new super-hero looking toppers and capes have found their way into bridal dresses for the coming year. Some of the new capes have collars and button-down tops along with lace-trimmed ponchos and billowing cloak trains.

Pink, Pink Pink. Many of the newly designed wedding dresses are coming in 50 shades of pink with off-the-shoulder plunging necklines and spectacular trains. Reigning supreme this coming year are colors ranging from the lightest, faintest pale pink blush to the darkest burgundy and dark scarlet, replacing the pale blue colors that adorned dresses in years gone by. Whether pink is your passion or not, get ready to see a lot of wedding dresses sporting these colors in 2017.

Seasonal wild flowers are in. Flowers are moving away from classic bouquets and trending to a wild look with seasonal colors. Dried and wild flowers not only look awesome they will save money and provide an amazing rustic look with intoxicating aromas.

Enchanted forest and woodland themes. Couples are taking rustic to a whole new level using natural looking props and decorations made of cork, rope, wood, stone, and glass. This trend will expand the rustic theme to include the smallest details such as twinkling fairy lights, tree log flower vases, moss ribbons, bronze leaf decorations, wicker frames and baskets.

We will keep this blog updated as new 2017 trends roll in. Check out our wedding trends board on Pinterest for inspiration as you plan your big day.

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This post was written by Matthew DeLuca