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March 26, 2015 Published by

For brides with wedding dates approaching in the next few months, here is some advice from the professionals.

SHOES – With wetter and warmer weather just around the corner, brides concerned with their stiletto heels sinking into wet ground or cracks in the ground now have an inexpensive solution that will protect their pricey shoes.

The solution is a small shoe protector called “Soulemates” that can be purchased online or in most shoe stores.

WEDDING DRESS SLEEVE LENGTH – Although the strapless wedding dress is and always will be a classic, for brides who are tired of or do not prefer strapless dresses, there is the growing trend of non strapless wedding gowns. This trend has resulted in the increased number of dresses in shop inventories with long sleeves ever since royal family member Catherine Middleton got married in her gown with its long, lacy sleeves. So, whether you go strapless or non strapless, you will be in style!

SAVINGS SEEKERS – Many dress shops have sample sales, and these can reap significant savings. And remember that one of the biggest cost items in weddings involve catering. For couples on a tight budget, many are opting to serve passed hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit down dinner. In addition, substituting candles in lieu of flowers also can help decrease the wedding budget’s bottom line.



This post was written by Matthew DeLuca