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With 2016 on the horizon, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular wedding trends of 2015.

Wedding photographers are choosing locations that are adding excitement and drama to their clients photos. In Ohio we have beaches near Akron and Cleveland, historical buildings, concert halls, barns, and parks.

This year’s bridesmaids mismatched dress trend would appear to complicate any effort to coordinate overall bridal party color and style themes. When bridesmaids take their turn down the aisle, it looks that they are advertising their own agendas. They are doing this, for example, through sporting a different color, length, and style of dress.

With this latest craze, there are rules that can make a bridal party with asymmetrical details work.

For example, if you vary the shades of dress color for your bridesmaids, keep them at least the same length.

In addition, preselecting the color(s) of the dresses and varying only two features offers one way to look different, but coordinated. This is done through different styled necklines and color. If brides work to limit the number of choices, brides can avoid the “mismatched” look while maintaining one that is blended yet unique

If you want a dramatic color but you don’t want to commit to a dark shade, try gunmetal. Fashion experts are suggesting brides try some variation of gunmetal for an elegant option. You can also use one color in different hues to change things up.

Food stylists are helping to put fun into traditional receptions. Unique offerings range from fix-your-own hamburger stations to doughnut walls..

Lastly, churches and wedding reception halls aren’t the only venue to stage the bride and groom’s special day. Today, caves near Akron Ohio, museums, castles, and wineries offer innovative venues to stage weddings and receptions.

Want dramatic scenes in your family heirloom? Have your wedding photographer use one of these unique sites.


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This post was written by Matthew DeLuca