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If you would like a social network exclusively dedicated to your wedding, consider a photo sharing app for mobile devices.

Since the launch of these innovative apps, millions of photos and videos have been shared worldwide.

Many of these wedding photo apps involve no cost and instantly organize photos in an online album that can be viewed anywhere in the world. These photos can be downloaded into multiple albums for up to a year after the wedding.

In addition to maximizing the viewing of wedding photos, many of the apps have high resolution photos that are 10 times as clear as any Facebook upload.

Wedding videos can be delivered in a variety of digital files that allow quick and convenient playback on mobile devices. Couples can upload their wedding video files to a private or unlisted YouTube gallery and send direct links to family and friends. Video files can also be stored and played back via SD/Micro-SD memory cards or USB flash memory keys in a variety of compatible formats such as H.264 AVC.

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This post was written by Matthew DeLuca